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At kickstart AI, we believe data science will shape our collective future, and we intend to make that future so bright we gotta wear shades. 😉

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Visibility inspires adoption, so we happily advertise our message in LED LIGHTS. Want to discover what we’re all about? Or weigh in on hefty AI topics? Kickstart AI is coming to an event near you (you, you, you).

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Come aboard and help our AI community thrive. As a fellow AI-minded soul, you can contribute in various ways. Work on projects as an impactful side hustle. Make giving back to society your full-time occupation. Or chime in on AI topics at events. If AI makes you tick louder than a grandfather clock, get involved and empower the AI community!

Get involved

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While the ‘I’ in AI is still contentious, this hasn’t deterred some of our generation’s brightest minds from driving AI breakthroughs and adoption. Can we include you in that group? Enrich kickstart AI with your personal brand of data science expertise!

Team up!