Kickstart AI

Is a bold initiative by four corporates to give back to the community. Through ongoing funding and pooling of data science resources, they created and continue to foster a thriving AI community. As such, kickstart AI is uniquely positioned to drive AI adoption and tackle real-world challenges at scale.

Purpose driven

Kickstart AI has a clear mission: to improve society through AI. We build Golden Gate bridges between data science savvy companies, academia, and talented ‘outsiders,’ e.g., at startups. By creating and nurturing a comprehensive data science community, we effectively consolidate and enhance the intellectual prowess of the entire field and grant society easy access to the data science wisdom of the crowd. TL;DR? We connect and engage AI professionals and initiate collaborations that benefit everyone.

Big orange heart

Our founders are icons in the Dutch business community, companies with solid track records and big orange hearts. With kickstart AI, they invite guest chefs into their data science kitchens. The resulting synergy inspires increasingly ambitious and tantalizing AI menus that benefit society. Locally and globally. And every project is open source, so the entire AI community is welcome to use (and build on) this work. To quote Yoda: “Always pass on what you have learned.” To which we like to add: with a big orange heart.


Kickstart AI is not a ‘my way or the highway’ community. Forcing creative minds into organizational straightjackets and limiting their research field isn’t terribly productive. On the contrary, we recognize that data science is still a veritable green field and encourage our colleagues and contributors to take explorative detours. That said, we do have a roadmap:

Kickstart AI Community Icon Gradient

01. Build our community

We actively pursue community growth, both in terms of heartbeats and data science capabilities. We are also committed to continuously developing the AI ecosystem.

Kickstart AI Challenge Icon Gradient

02. Challenge the community

Our 2022 signature dish is improved forecasting for a more dynamic world. And Kickstart AI proudly ‘serves’ it to the AI community at large, encouraging participants to contribute algorithms that further help organizations and society navigate turbulent waters.

Kickstart AI Productization Icon Gradient

03. Productize and promote

Scientific insights are good. Practicable solutions are better. And solving problems is better still. Kickstart AI productizes code, drives adoption, and helps users convert these opportunities into wins.

Our patrons

Behind every great leader, there’s a great they/she/he 😉. Kickstart AI is fortunate to have some of the Netherlands’ most prominent corporates as patrons.

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