MLOps: Bringing Models to Production

This event took place on July 4, 2023. Don't worry if you missed it, we've got more upcoming Meetups you can join!

Come along to a Kickstart AI Meetup in collaboration with Data Science Rotterdam and meet like-minded people who really make AI happen. Our events create a platform for you to learn from the best and share your own expertise too — helping us all to get further, faster! 🚀

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Join us on July 4 for a Meetup co-organized by Kickstart AI and Data Science Rotterdam! This time we're going to be talking about MLOps: Bringing Models to Production 🔌, an essential topic for integrating AI alongside other business processes.

There's a lot of buzz about 'onboarding AI' as a part of the team. While it's fun to imagine whacking a company-branded hoodie on a robot, in reality there's a lot more to it. And that's where MLOps comes in handy! It offers a set of guiding principles that help you to connect and maintain effective AI models in an active business environment.

We're delighted to have MLOps experts Luuk van der Velden (Python AI Engineer at Codebeez) and Shruti Agrawal (Principal Data Scientist at Future Facts) joining us as speakers! Get their advice and learn from their experiences as they share their insights from the field. You'll be sure to leave with loads of tips for launching your next model and keeping it going strong 🦾

  • July 4, 2023

  • 17:30 - 21:00

  • Venture Café, Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam

Register now for an evening of invaluable learning, networking opportunities, and exciting inspiration. We look forward to seeing you there!


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Secure MLOps with MLflow Simplifying Integration Tests at NS

Cloud security teams want us to duplicate our resources across subscriptions and environments for security and privacy reasons. Data science applications struggle to be tested in the absence of real world production data. NS performed integration tests on non-production data, but this often broke down and it was costly to maintain two separate data lakes (staging and production). Here Luuk van der Velden presents the open source MLflow client that allowed NS to reduce the complexity of its test setup and reduce maintenance costs.

Enterprise Search Engine and Information Extraction from Text Documents

There is huge amount of information hidden in the documents in many organisations, but the organisations are unable to use them or spend a long time searching for them. In this talk, I will go over some of the deep learning or simple mathematical methods to automatically extract the data from the documents. Some of the things that Shruti will be talking about are vector embeddings, similarity metrics, semantic search, vector databases and topic modelling. Thus, you will learn how can one design a search engine that smartly searches into the documents.


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Kickstart AI is a non-profit initiative by four corporations (Ahold Delhaize, ING, KLM and NS) that aims to accelerate AI adoption in the Netherlands, and improve society through the use of AI. We're hosting monthly Meetups for data scientists, software engineers, and tech professionals working closely with AI. Meetups are a fun way to network with like-minded people and find out about what’s going on in the Dutch AI community in an informal setting.

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