Another TechDays is coming soon!

We held our first TechDays of the year on March 28, and what a day it was!

Get-your-hands-dirty-AI, an incredible lineup of speakers, 300+ attendees and heaps of discussions around exploring new frontiers in AI for 2023. Plus in the evening we held the very first Kickstart AI Meetup 🤩

Our data science community is growing stronger, and we are proud of it 🚀

We've got lots more planned for the year ahead. We're busy organising another TechDays in the summer, and in the meantime we'll have plenty of Meetups to keep your neurons firing.

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TechDays Exploring New Frontiers in AI for 2023

What is TechDays?

TechDays is a quarterly, invite-only tech event that brings together Data Scientists and Software Engineers working at Ahold Delhaize, ING, KLM and NS.

By building a community around the people that really make AI happen, we can help you to get further, faster. Our events create a platform for you to learn from the best and share your own expertise too.

So what can you expect from TechDays? Technical talks and real world case studies to discuss. Cross-company collaboration and Q&As with experts. A full stack of opportunities to network, learn from your peers, and develop your skills. And besides that, you’ll meet new people and get the lowdown on all the latest AI trends.

TechDays: Exploring New Frontiers in AI for 2023


TechDays March Agenda

Speakers and Sessions


Kees Mulder, Experimentation Data Scientist at

Experimenting on data science models
Data science models are expected to provide value on historical data, but when they are put into production, this value does not always materialise. In order to causally prove value, an experiment is in order. Is it enough to monitor the effects over time after putting the model live? Or should we be running experiments before we release models in production?


Jakub Zavrel, Founder and CEO at Zeta Alpha

What to expect in 2023: The latest trends in AI
Where are diffusion models and generative AI headed? What can we expect from impending regulation? And what’s next for language models, reinforcement learning, computer vision, and leading AI companies? Jakub will provide an expert guide to the most important AI trends of 2023.


Daan van den Oever, Director, Product Data Science and Machine Learning at KLM

Insider update on the Kickstart AI x KLM challenge
The Kickstart AI Challenge with KLM aims to improve predictions for inflight catering requirements and reduce the amount of food thrown away. Join Daan and the challenge participants for a look inside the project.


Victoria Bunyard, Technical Director NCEE at IBM

Fireside Chat
How technology can be 'the answer' when we ask the right questions
With the recent advances we’ve seen in AI, many businesses will be looking for ways of using it to solve their problems. Victoria will discuss how technology can be ‘the answer’, but only when we truly understand ‘the question’ and open the floor for a Q&A session.


Niya Stoimenova, Reliable AI Lead at DEUS, PhD Candidate at TU Delft

Beyond the hype: A realistic perspective on AI and its limitations
However robust your AI system is, it’s bound to misbehave. We’ll explore the limitations of contemporary generative and conditional models, and identify strategies for managing the associated risks. By understanding the impact and potential unintended consequences of such systems, we can ensure they create outcomes that align with human objectives.


Olivier Teepe, Artist and Creative Director, DALL·E by OpenAI Contributor

The art of co-creation with DALL·E
As part of the OpenAI Artist Access Program, Olivier helped to develop DALL·E before it was released. Hear about the process of co-creation with AI from the perspective of a professional artist, and how he sees art and AI learning from each other to create something new.


Justus Bruns, Partner at VOUW

The Poem Booth: A camera that looks at you and creates AI-generated poetry
Smile, say cheese and voilà — get a personalised haiku with the Poem Booth! Winner of the Best Artistic award at the AI Hackathon Amsterdam 2023, this AI-powered camera creates poems based on how you look. In this lightning talk the creators discuss how we can use generative AI to create beauty and bring people together.

Group panel

Our panel

Bouke Huurnink, Director Data Science at Albert Heijn
Erick Webbe
, Head of Data Science at
Natasha Govender-Ropert, Data Science Lead for KYC, Financial Crime and Cybersecurity at ING
Surajeet Ghosh, Global Head of Data Science and Analytics at Heineken

Panel Discussion
Putting AI to work: How new trends can change business
AI is changing what’s possible at a lightning pace. Which new AI trends are our panellists most excited about? How do they see these new technological capabilities making a positive impact for their industries? Hear the views of experts heading up data science departments, and ask them your own burning questions.


TechDays host: Vivianne Bendermacher, Founder and Managing Director at Techionista


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About TechDays

Note that TechDays are invite-only tech events for Data Scientists and Software Engineers working at our patrons: Ahold Delhaize, ING, KLM and NS. They’re the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded people, learn from each other, and develop new skills.

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